Global Action Tasks

Tasks in several modules provide for one-click automatic-update operations — "global actions." These Action options included on both the Browse and More report pages of a search task are used to submit pre-defined global operations that update all retrieved records or your selected set. Global operations are processed in the background by STAR to update a set of records in one or more databases.

For example, in creating new Catalog records, you may choose to release a given record for Public Catalog session access at the time the record is updated, or you may prefer to accumulate a set of new records to review/proof them first and then have all or a selected set released for access.

  • To release all of your retrieved records, select the Release to Public link under the For all records heading. Use of this option does not require that you first click one of the Select: All... options; this choice automatically updates all retrieved records — in this case, all 87 retrieved items, across the several display pages.
  • To release only a selected set of records, first make your selections and then use the first Release to Public link, under the For selected records heading.